Taking Stock of the Summer

This summer was amazing. I got to do an incredible amount of fieldwork and now have my first set of data! Unfortunately, with all of the field work I was doing, I ended up not being able to keep up this blog, but I’m going to try and do some recaps for the next few posts. For now, I just want to thank all of the incredible field hands who helped me throughout the summer:

Rob Lauto (lab mate, but also fellow LIslander)

 Julia Buckley (sister!!<3 She was so good! Basically read my mind 🙂

Elisa Margarita (my aunt and award-winning biology teacher at Brooklyn Tech!!<3)

Michelle and Gabby!! (wonderful lab mates who were brave enough to come out with me on my very first field trip!!)

Gabby gets an extra shout out for getting completely and entirely stuck in the mud ❤ P.S. We did get her out!!

Wally Fulweiler (my advisor!!)

Richard Buckley (dad, drove all the way up to CT and back to LIS AND stayed with me for hours when we had to wait for the next low tide <3)

athan Nesbitt (boyfriend, and Physics Ph.D. candidate at Boston College <3)

Abby (labmate!)

auren Capelluto (cousin, she was absolutely amazing and helped me out on most of my trips this summer!!)

laine Margarita (mom, one of the bravest, most wonderful people I know)

lia Al-Haj (labmate, awesome!! We had some fun adventures trying to run around to make one extra ring while in the field when we forgot one)

Hollie Emery (labmate,
 absolutely wonderful and super helpful! I’ve learned so much for Hollie!)

As you can probably tell, this:
ould never have worked. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me!! You were all absolutely wonderful.

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