Tea on the Weather Channel

Two thoughts, first, it’s usually hard to watch the news because of all the horrible events that are often talked about, but here’s one example of where that wasn’t the case!


Here’s a short clip from the weather channel about one of my previous research projects I worked on at Tufts on tea chemistry and how it is altered by the weather, which has implications about climate change. Basically, the amount of different secondary chemicals changes when the amount of precipitation increases during the monsoon season in China, which changes it’s nutritional value, taste, and therefore cost. The tasty chemicals go down with more rain, so the cost goes down.

Second thought, this is awesome, but the only problem is that I never change the weather channel anymore. I just check the weather app on my phone. I believe these news stories are an attempt to change that though. Maybe it will! I’m certainly aware of them now.

P.S. Working on embedding the actual video.


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