National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship!!!!

I woke up on March 30th to one of the best texts I have ever received, “Congrats on NSF!!” I hadn’t even checked my email yet and one of my dear friends told me I had been chosen to be one of the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellows!! It was the best way to find out. I applied back in November and it was a very long process, but this means that I have my own personal funding for the next three years. I can be much more independent and focus more on particularly what I’m interested in. It’s also a very prestigious award.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 2.16.14 PM

I particularly want to thank Wally Fulweiler, my current advisor, for helping me through the application process every step of the way and writing me a letter or recommendation as well as Selena Ahmed for all her advice throughout the years, teaching me how to really do science, and writing a letter or recommendation. Also thanks to Colin Orians, my previous advisor who is a wonderful person and gave me a chance and Lucy Hutyra who also recommended me for the fellowship.

This is an incredible honor and I am so excited to start my new project on algae!


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