From the Field to Functions

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to post. I had a great finish to the field work for my LIS project. The spring sampling went well and we collected everything we needed, plus we went out one more time to collect some extra sediment samples.


Maria and Rob were with my on my last field excursion, which was really exciting! Maria took some awesome action shots, which I am very grateful for!

She also got a great video of me taking a core.

We also got a bit creative on our last sampling trips. First we took some samples from the inside of one of the old holes we found from a previous core, which we took over a year ago! It’s at least important to understand the impact we have on the marshes we study. This was the contraption we used so we could measure how deep the core hole still was and take samples from a certain depth.


Then I also got to do some acrobatics in sampling from a leak in the sewage pipe at Udalls Cove.


Yes, it was gross, and we all took showers right after that!

Now that all of that’s done, I’m leaving behind the field for now and moving into the world of sample and data analysis, so from the field into the functions to figure out what’s fueling these marshes!!




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