Changing Seasons and Focus

This has been a long year and it has been around a year since I last wrote an update about my research. It turns out that after a long process, I have decided to change directions. I have switched from Wally Fulweiler’s coastal biogeochemistry lab to Nathan Phillips plant physiology and urban metabolism lab. I have also begun a new position as a visiting fellow at the Harvard Medical School in Pamela Silver’s lab. Instead of monitoring changes in the field, I will be focusing on smaller scale processes within plants and microbes and it’s definitely a whole new world.IMG_3406.jpg

I spend most of my time now learning molecular techniques such as running different kinds of gels, doing PCR, and cloning. When not at my new bench space (which I’m excited to have :), I’ve been meeting with Nathan Phillips on the roof of the CAS building scouring pipes, fans, and boxes for GHG fluxes.


It’s a whole new perspective and I’m super excited! I’ll be sure to stay more up to date as things progress!


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