The Program

One of the most important aspects of science is conveying what we learn not only to the public, but specifically to younger generations. Especially when talking about climate change, they are the future, so they have to understand what is happening and what we must do. With this in mind, I have started a program, along with Nathan Nesbitt (, to visit K-12 schools and bring scientific research into classrooms.

Our Goals:
1. Tell them about how we got involved in science
2. Teach them about climate change.
3. Show them our research
a. Sarabeth – e.g. Sea level rise and salt marshes
b. Nathan – e.g. Solar cells and nanostructures
4. Explain how they can get involved in scientific research

Here is a pre-assessment we have them fill out in the beginning of class and go over at the end of class, which conveys some of the concepts we try to get across.

If you are a teacher in the Boston or New York City area and are interested in having us visit your class, please contact us (,

We can do a one day or multiple day visit and if you have specific topics you are particularly interested in having the kids learn, our research spans these topics: general climate science, salt marsh work, sea level rise, nitrogen/phosphorus/silica cycles, eutrophication, algal blooms, biogeochemistry, solar cells, nano structures, plasmonics, electrochemistry.


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