Middle School Girls Science Club

The Middle School Girls Science Club is a project of the outreach branch of  Boston University‘s Graduate Women in Science and Engineering group in collaboration with the West End House Boys and Girls Club. With the goal of engaging girls at a critical time in their development, we plan fun, multiple-week long, hands on activities for the girls that convey scientific concepts. The activities are designed as mini projects or experiments to engage the girls on a more advanced level. We encourage our girls to remain engaged in science, understand the basic scientific concepts, and consider science and engineering  more seriously. Our volunteers strive to be positive mentors and STEM role models for our club members. By hosting fun activities and sharing our love for science, we can connect these girls to STEM in a positive manner, and hopefully inspire these girls to consider careers in STEM fields.

This is a new initiative of which I am the lead coordinator and we are very excited to start working with the girls. We have already had successful meetings and plan on continuing the club into the future. If you would like to get involved, email me at sarabeth@bu.edu.