Effect of Climate Change on Tea Chemistry

Effects of Climate Change on Tea Quality and Associated Farmer Perceptions in the Highlands of Southwest China (Summer 2012 – Fall 2012). Dr. Ahmed collected tea leaves every day for 17 days before and after the monsoons hit. The goal of the project was to determine what chemical changes occur in tea that alter the flavor, which cuts the price in half. For these two projects I helped further develop the FC and DPPH assay and analyzed the samples. I also analyzed the tea samples with HPLC. The third experiment was on 

Effects of Extreme Climate Events on Tea (Camellia sinensis) Functional Quality Validate Indigenous Farmer Knowledge and Sensory Preferences in Tropical China

The Effects of Water and Herbivory Treatments on the Growth and Phytochemistry of Tea
 (Summer 2012 – Fall 2012). Drought, onset of the monsoon, and monsoon conditions in Yunnan, China were simulated by maintaining different soil moistures for tea plants. Samples were analyzed by HPLC and for TPC and antioxidant content.

Effects of Water Availability and Pest Pressures on Tea (Camellia sinensis) Growth and Functional Quality


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